To Fold or Not To Fold

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Do Aliens exist?

Is there an afterlife?

Why is there always one odd sock left after a laundry run?

Along with the above, here is one of the greatest debated questions of all time:

How exactly should you eat Pizza?

A subjective topic it may be but here are a few thoughts. What alternatives do we have exactly?

I guess some may opt for the knife and fork method – after all, it is how we in the western world eat most of our meals. It is true that this method cuts down on the potential mess of eating with fingers and does solve the issues of a slightly wetter topping finding its way off the pizza and onto your freshly laundered jeans. But then again you are left with the job of washing the dishes after eating the pizza and there is something quite wrong with eating pizza with cutlery isn’t there? Ultimately, if you are eating in a sit down restaurant and are given a knife and fork then I suppose you should use it but in my opinion, the fingers are best – so moving on…

To fold or not to fold? A bit of research finds a method that I hadn’t even considered – the complete fold! Literally taking the whole pizza and turning it into a calzone type affair and munching through it like a pasty. This method does have a certain attraction – as the crispy bottom layer of dough surrounds the entire pizza it limits the amount of sauce covering your lips but the doubling of the already sumptuously thick crust round the edges seems like too much of a good thing to me and there is something quite unrefined about holding a huge pasty in your hands. Eating by the slice is the way to go for me.

So once you have decided on the fold and fold by the slice, how to fold is the crucial question. The answer is down to a simple technique that anyone can learn in seconds and all should learn for eternity.

Grasping the slice on the outer corners with middle finger and thumb  of your dominant hand and with your ring finger providing a platform for the crust, apply slight pressure on the thumb and middle finger to start to fold the slice in half lengthways. At the same time slight pressure can be applied with the forefinger to control the fold. Once the fold is approaching 90 degrees, take the forefinger of the less dominant hand and tuck the pointy end of the slice up and over onto itself. Complete the fold until the edges of the crust meet and….now for the good bit…..EAT!

It’s tricky to write this in words – why not pop down to one of our local haunts and we will show you how 😉

Oh dear, my tummy is rumbling and my mouth is watering – I might just have to fire up the oven!