Pizza in a Pan!

Are you missing Phoenix Wood Fired Pizza popping up in your village? Then look no further for a something to satiate those Phoenix cravings!

Phoenix Wood Fired DIY Pizza kits provide all of the top quality ingredients you need to recreate the Phoenix Wood Fired Pizza experience in your own homes, using just a non stick frying pan and a pre heated grill. This is probably the only way to cook a perfect Neapolitan pizza that doesn’t require a giant orange oven!

See our instruction leaflet here: DIY Pizza Kit Instructions


What’s in the box?!

All of the top quality ingredients you will need to cook two delicious Margherita Pizzas (Pepperoni and spicy Nduja sausage also available!) Listen to Polly describe the ingredients here: Whats in the box!

But how do I pin out the dough like Polly?!

Playing with the dough is the fun bit! Watch how Polly does it here: Pinning out the dough

But I don’t Have a big Orange oven!

No need to worry – all the equipment you will need is a non-stick frying pan and a hot grill. Watch Polly cook the pizza here: Cooking the pizza

That looks like a lot of plastic – isn’t that bad?

All of our packaging is biodegradable and compostable – no one use plastics here!

When will it be delivered?

YES – we are DELIVERING! When you checkout you will chose a delivery date – either a Thursday, Friday or Saturday. We will usually deliver at some point in the afternoon.

How much is delivery?

We are charging a flat £2.95 to package and deliver your DIY Pizza Kit.

Where is the allergen information?

It’s on a label on the back of a box – and you can also see it here.

What is the Kit’s shelf life?

You should refrigerate the entire kit on delivery and use within two days. Remember the dough must be removed from the fridge roughly three hours before cooking to give it time to prove and rise at room temperature.

Where do we deliver to?

Currently we are only delivering to the following villages. Hungerford, Great Bedwyn, Little Bedwyn, Ramsbury, Shalbourne, Ham, Kintbury, Chilton Foliat. If it’s not on the list but in the local area please contact us at to see if we can make an exception for you.

How does my kit stay fresh during transport?

Your kit is packaged with refrigerated dough, frozen cheese, frozen tomato and if selected, frozen pepperoni or nduja. The frozen elements defrost quickly but keep your package cool and fresh for up to 24 hours. You will receive and refrigerate it well before the 24 hours is up and it will be ready to use either on the day of delivery and up to two days after.